Calf Compression Socks And Their Marvelous Benefits

Calf compression socks are a kind of strong elastic socks which are typically worn up to the knee. Calf compression socks work by compressing the veins on the surface of leg as well as the muscles and arteries so that the blood is circulated in the legs through small circulatory channels. Blood gets back to the heart faster and there is less chance of it getting pooled in the feet or legs.

Calf Compression1

Calf compression socks have been used since a long time in the medical field. Patients have been wearing them to increase circulation in their legs. These kind of socks provide graduated compression which means that the compression is higher at the foot and the ankle and lower as it moves up the calf and lower leg. This kind of compression helps to fight effects of gravity and assists in venous return of blood.

Compression socks have many other benefits than those listed here. The compression socks are known to limit swelling in people who spend the whole day on feet. They protect legs from scratches, abrasions and other nasty things. They also keep dirt away from the skin of legs. They also provide warmth to the body and provide protection from cold weather conditions. The socks also make a person look nice and well dressed especially for sporting events and exercise routines.

Hence, calf compression socks are beneficial for improving the circulation of blood in the lower limbs. They help in improving athletic performance and reduce chances of fatigue by helping the muscles perform better. There are several other benefits of compression socks and are highly recommended for those who want to improve their general health or performance in sports. For more information on calf compression socks visit Aussie Support Socks.


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