Get Rid of Deep Vein Thrombosis With Best Quality Pressure Socks

People with jobs requiring long hours of continuous sitting or continuous standing are more prone to develop deep vein thrombosis. In deep vein thrombosis, the blood clots are formed in the deep veins of the legs or arms. This happens because of the fact that the veins which carry the blood back to the heart become dilated. The dilated veins then do not have enough pressure on them to send the blood back to the heart.

Pressure Socks

To assist in the deep vein thrombosis, doctors recommend using the compression socks in the daily life. It can apply pressure at various points. Also known as graduated pressure socks, they apply more pressure near the ankle and less pressure at the knee. These pressure socks are also good for the people travelling long distances in the economy class. These compression socks have many benefits as followed.

Blood Circulation: Compression socks improve the blood circulation in the feet, ankles and calves by promoting the blood flow through narrower veins in the feet.

Muscle efficiency: Due to dispersal of blood and oxygen in all the parts of your legs, the cramps and fatigue are prevented. The oxygen inflow allows the optimal performance possible, even in the challenging times of the exercise routine or the sports events.

Lactic Acid Reduction: Compression socks helps in minimizing the extra lactic acid production in the legs. The pressure applied by these socks minimizes the muscle flexing or muscle oscillation which leads to lesser amount of lactic acid production in the muscles.

Aussie Support Socks offer the high quality travel compression socks also known as pressure socks worldwide. These socks are made using latest German technology and are knitted using wool or cotton. They are available in two levels of compression, i.e. energizing and ultra energizing. Our pressure socks are comfortable and ideal for everyday wear which also reduces perspiration issue and improves comfort.



Calf Compression Socks And Their Marvelous Benefits

Calf compression socks are a kind of strong elastic socks which are typically worn up to the knee. Calf compression socks work by compressing the veins on the surface of leg as well as the muscles and arteries so that the blood is circulated in the legs through small circulatory channels. Blood gets back to the heart faster and there is less chance of it getting pooled in the feet or legs.

Calf Compression1

Calf compression socks have been used since a long time in the medical field. Patients have been wearing them to increase circulation in their legs. These kind of socks provide graduated compression which means that the compression is higher at the foot and the ankle and lower as it moves up the calf and lower leg. This kind of compression helps to fight effects of gravity and assists in venous return of blood.

Compression socks have many other benefits than those listed here. The compression socks are known to limit swelling in people who spend the whole day on feet. They protect legs from scratches, abrasions and other nasty things. They also keep dirt away from the skin of legs. They also provide warmth to the body and provide protection from cold weather conditions. The socks also make a person look nice and well dressed especially for sporting events and exercise routines.

Hence, calf compression socks are beneficial for improving the circulation of blood in the lower limbs. They help in improving athletic performance and reduce chances of fatigue by helping the muscles perform better. There are several other benefits of compression socks and are highly recommended for those who want to improve their general health or performance in sports. For more information on calf compression socks visit Aussie Support Socks.

Why Choosing Excellent Quality Travel Socks Would Be Beneficial?

Are you thinking about planning to travel to any place in the country or overseas for holidays or business? Then you should keep in mind that long travel leads to leg cramps and swollen ankle and having high-quality Travel Socks would be a great idea to avoid swelling, cramps and keep the blood circulated in the legs and feet during travel. In this scenario, choosing Aussie Support Socks for excellent quality travel compression socks would be great as being a renowned company, we have been offering the supreme quality range of compression socks. Our range of socks comes in different pressure, from light pressure to strong pressure, different lengths, from knee-high to the top of the thigh, and different colors as per the diversified requirements of our precious clients.

Compression Socks For Flying3At Aussie Support Socks, we have been offering Falke compression socks that are made by using wool or cotton and provide comfort and along with combating poor blood circulation and swelling during travel. Our Travel Socks particularly cover from your ankle to your knee and sometimes as high as your thigh and they are tight and vie graduated weight up to the leg. They do not have to cause your feet to perspire and they can likewise reduce leg cramps and edema while traveling. So, our range of socks is unique sort of hosiery and they are simply amongst the best travel compression socks accessible within the market.

We are known for the fact that sizing is very important and the top of the line our Travel Socks are offered in two calf diameters to ensure the best fit. We have been offering a wide range of compression socks, which are highly admired by our precious clients due to their excellent quality and flawless finish. Our range of socks are not cheap, however, if your comfort and health are valuable for you, then they are worth for the expense. We promise to offer the tremendous selection with budget-friendly rates along with customer friendly service!

Thus, if you searching for excellent quality Travel Socks, just feel free to call us today; we ensure you that once you have tried them you will never wear anything else.

Compression Socks Have Numerous Health Benefits

Compression Socks for Men are special type of socks which are worn in the lower limbs to help improve circulation. Their cost can be covered by private health funds. Compression Socks are recommended for men who have circulation problems and they have some very important benefits:

Compression Socks For Flying1.jpg

Help with blood circulation:

Compression socks help in the general circulation of blood in the legs and thus help in improving overall health condition as circulatory problems will be prevented by regularly using the socks.

Prevent pooling of blood in the legs:

Compression socks can help to reduce the pooling of blood in the lower limbs as they improve circulation and apply gentle pressure to the lower limb area.

Help relieve diseases symptoms:

Disease symptoms like varicose veins, skin ulcers and deep vein thrombosis can be prevented by regular use of compression socks. The socks can also be worn as a preventive measure against heart diseases.

Prevent swelling in legs:

When one has to spend long hours on feet then swelling can occur in the feet however wearing compression socks helps to reduce swelling in the feet and lower limbs.

Protecting leg skin:

Compression socks provide protection to the lower limb skin from scratches, abrasions and nasty things. They also protect the skin from adverse climatic conditions like heat, cold and rain.

Aesthetic appeal:
Compression socks look good when worn and can help in making a person look attractive along with the numerous health benefits. There are a variety of colours and patterns to choose from depending on personal requirements.

Hence, Compression Socks for Flying have numerous health benefits and also look good on any person wearing them. They can be worn by members of any professional group as and when required.

Travel Socks : Your Perfect Travelling Partner

Travelling is an integral part of any individual’s life, there are many factors that you need to keep in mind while you are travelling. If you are an average aged healthy adult you will not think twice before boarding a long flight. But if you are a person who is prone to get various types of aches during travelling, especially on the feet then travel socks are the perfect product for you to invest in. These socks not only help you keep your feet ache free during the entire journey, but they also serve the purpose of increasing the blood circulation in your feet and as a result your legs will not swell while travelling.

Travel socks have been used extensively for their pain relief and better blood circulating features. They are not just limited to be used during flights or travelling, but you can also use them while you are doing your day to day activities or even while working out you can use them to create a proper to amount of pressure on your feet, so that you may not experience severe muscle ache in your feet.

travel socks

There are many other advantages of wearing these socks, they keep your feet dry always. They work according to seasons, i.e. in winter these socks will keep your feet dry and warm. Even in summers they can keep your feet cold so that you can avoid excess heat in your legs. They also act as a shield to your feet if you are an athlete, when you are training with travel socks on you can save yourself from unnecessary cuts and bruises. They are the perfect thing for you if you are a person who is prone to having leg pain issues. But there is one point that you need to remember about travel socks and it is that these cannot be used by a person who is diabetic as it increases the blood circulation of your legs which causes more pain than relief.

When you think about these socks it might just happen that what comes to your imagination is a pair of plain and boring looking socks, but let me stop you right there because these are nothing of that sort. These socks are available in a host of colors and materials, they do not in any sense lessen the style quotient of your outfit. If anything at all they only add more sense of style to it. Hence choose these for your next journey and make sure that you have enjoyable and comfortable trip.