Get Rid of Deep Vein Thrombosis With Best Quality Pressure Socks

People with jobs requiring long hours of continuous sitting or continuous standing are more prone to develop deep vein thrombosis. In deep vein thrombosis, the blood clots are formed in the deep veins of the legs or arms. This happens because of the fact that the veins which carry the blood back to the heart become dilated. The dilated veins then do not have enough pressure on them to send the blood back to the heart.

Pressure Socks

To assist in the deep vein thrombosis, doctors recommend using the compression socks in the daily life. It can apply pressure at various points. Also known as graduated pressure socks, they apply more pressure near the ankle and less pressure at the knee. These pressure socks are also good for the people travelling long distances in the economy class. These compression socks have many benefits as followed.

Blood Circulation: Compression socks improve the blood circulation in the feet, ankles and calves by promoting the blood flow through narrower veins in the feet.

Muscle efficiency: Due to dispersal of blood and oxygen in all the parts of your legs, the cramps and fatigue are prevented. The oxygen inflow allows the optimal performance possible, even in the challenging times of the exercise routine or the sports events.

Lactic Acid Reduction: Compression socks helps in minimizing the extra lactic acid production in the legs. The pressure applied by these socks minimizes the muscle flexing or muscle oscillation which leads to lesser amount of lactic acid production in the muscles.

Aussie Support Socks offer the high quality travel compression socks also known as pressure socks worldwide. These socks are made using latest German technology and are knitted using wool or cotton. They are available in two levels of compression, i.e. energizing and ultra energizing. Our pressure socks are comfortable and ideal for everyday wear which also reduces perspiration issue and improves comfort.